Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist



Address the issues you wish in order to meet your special anti-aging goals.  Address two, three or all of the following: 
You choose!

  • Nutrition Therapy (Dietary and Nutritional Supplement Recommendations) for Health Conditions and Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Menu Planning 
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Topical Skin Care Counseling For Anti-Aging
  • Stress Management
  • Risk Reduction for Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke
  • Strategies for Sound Sleep
  • Improved Eye Health and Balance

 Facial Exercises (Free with any 2 topics)

 2 Topics Per Consultation  Session -  FEE: $125 Per Session

(Available In Anti-Aging Programs)
Expert counseling on which cosmeceutical ingredients and products are best for your particular skin type, condition and anti-aging goals.  Beautiful and Healthy Transformations does not represent one particular line of cosmetics or skin care products in exclusion to all others but rather rmakes recommendations based upon your particular needs and the line of products best suited to help you meet your particular skin care goals. For example, some clients are in greatest need of collagen and elastin stimulation, powerful exfoliation or redcuing free radical attack on the skin by arNOX.  I help you set goals for rejuvenating your skin and make recommendations on the skin care products to best help you accomplish your primary and secondary goals for your skin within the framework of your available budget.
FEE: $65

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