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As a Holistic Nutritionist, one of my roles as a team member for assisting patients who have received a diagnosis of cancer is to help educate them about how nutritional therapy can complement and improve the success of various treatment options, empowering them to go forth with more confidence that they will make the best choice given their particular situation.  For instance, one patient who receives a diagnosis of multiple myeloma may choose to receive a bone marrow transplant because of the high rate of cure.  Another patient with pancreatic cancer may choose an alternative therapy after interviewing a physician who has consistently shown that many of his patients survived past the five-year mark after adhering to a well-researched alternative approach…or they may consider a clinic that offers an integrative medicine approach, blending both alternative and traditional therapies. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of helpful websites. 

The nutritional programs I design for my patients who have received a diagnosis of cancer are designed to complement other therapies but are not offered as cancer therapy. Below you will find favorite websites for clinics with which I am impressed. Their listing does not constitute a formal recommendation but is given for educational purposes only.

My second role in helping patients who have received a diagnosis of cancer is to review with the patient his or her medical history, explore and identify possible degenerative pathways of the body (roots of the disease process), and work to remove these factors as barriers to wellness. Wrong food choices, improper ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrate and incorrect balance of vitamins and minerals create imbalances in the fundamental controls of the body, i.e. imbalances in the autonomic nervous system, electrolytes, prostaglandins, alkaline-acidity, the carbo-oxidative systems and lipo-oxidative systems. Disturbances in these fundamental homeostatic controls result in metabolic dysfunction, namely metabolism inefficiency of protein, fat or carbohydrate, as well as other metabolic inefficiencies. These metabolic dysfunctions result in subclinical health complaints, such as fatigue, headache, indigestion, hypoglycemia, constipation, aches/pain, feeling generally malaised, frequent illness, and low energy. These subclinical health complaints often eventually result in chronic degenerative diseases, arthritis, diabetes, colitis, osteoporosis, heart disease, and yes, sometimes even cancer. 

Proper macronutrient ratio, vitamin and mineral balance, high quality, alkalizing, ionized water, botanical extracts, herbs and phytonutrients that help the body to detoxify, influence cell-to-cell communication and improve apoptosis are just a few nutritional strategies to help patients, naturally, improve detoxification pathways, immune function, cell membrane structure, and make the body a less hospitable place for cancer cells.          

My best advice to the cancer patient is to find a supportive friend or family member to help encourage you and to be your confidant.  Next, while you are collecting information and interviewing physicians to help you on your journey with cancer, take a first step to improving your nutritional status and rid your diet and physical environment of as many cancer-risk increasing agents as possible. Get rid of acid-forming liquids, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks as well as sugar and dairy products, hydrogenated fats (damaged, oxidized fats).  Reducing consumption of gluten-containing grains and dairy products will help reduce inflammation. Choose more organic foods when possible. Emphasize colorful vegetables and fruits in your diet and eat less high-glycemic, starchy foods such as corn and potatoes.  Avoiding elevated blood sugars is a priority as it powerfully affects the biochemistry of every cell in the body. Avoid as many personal care products and toiletries that contain chemicals as possible. (Phone Beautiful and Healthy Transformations at 205.915.0474 for suggestions as to chemical-free toiletries and cosmetics.)  

A great resource in regard to nutrition is Beating Cancer With Nutrition Written by Patrick Quillin, RD/LD, PhD, it is a particularly valuable resource for cancer patients who may not have the physical or emotional energy to read and digest a large amount of information.

Developing highly-individualized nutritional programs to complement the work they are doing with their oncologist or other physician is available through Beautiful and Healthy Transformations.  Nutrition programs for patients who have received a diagnosis of cancer will receive:

  • An in-depth medical history/interview.
  • Review of mechanisms that may underlie immune system dysfunction, including but not limited to: Micronutrient deficiencies, dysfunctional detoxification pathways, chronic systemic inflammation, heavy metal accumulation, chronic yeast overgrowth (candida albicans syndrome), acidosis, poor antioxidant function, parasitic presence and solvent accumulation, gingivitis/gum disease, cell membrane dysfunction, geopathic stress, radiation, toxic emotions, etc.
  • Address challenges of blood glucose balance, quality sleep, food allergy/intolerances/sensitivities, digestion, hormonal balance, neurotransmitter balance, circulation, respiration, nervous system function and energy production.
  • How to find the highest quality of water, how much to drink and when to drink it.
  • Dietary guidelines for reducing inflammation, maximizing antioxidant intake, phytonutrients and optimizing essential fatty acids
  • Identification of metabolic type and Ayurvedic dosha (The science of Ayurveda is the 3000+ year-old science of health from India that identifies the more subtle properties of food that allows us to further customize the diet to be even more balancing.)
  • Creation of highly individualized meal plan and dietary guidelines
  • Exploration of nutritional therapy for encouraging normal immune function, increasing apoptosis and for encouraging normal cell-to-cell communication
  • Exploration of nutritional guidelines for optimizing thyroid function (Important in Normal Immune Function)
  • Development of a Highly-Individualized Bio-Detoxification Program
  • Caring support and nutritional follow-up throughout a patient’s journey with cancer.

I invite you to call for more information about a highly individualized nutritional program (Fee: $125) to complement the care you are receiving from your physician(s): 205.915.0474.

May God Bless You On Your Journey Toward Joyous Health On Every Level.  Do not hesitate to call if we can be of assistance to you.

Favorite Websites For Those Journeying Toward Cancer Recovery :
(Note that the listing of the following sites does not constitute a formal recommendation of products or services, nor does it infer that the services by the following providers are superior to other services provided by members of the same profession.)

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