Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist


                        DETOXIFICATION PROGRAMS

An effective program with which to detoxify the body is instrumental in recovering from a host of medical conditions.  Toxins produced by the body from metabolic processes, as well as environmental exposure accumulate in our tissues, triggering inflammation and further disabling the body's detoxifying mechanisms. 

The liver is the star of detoxification, so an excellent bio-detoxification program supports both Phase I and Phase II biochemical processes of the liver.

Every detoxification program I design for a patient is individualized to his or her current medical condition, past health history and nature and extent of exposure to toxins.  Each program specifically addresses each organ and major pathway of bio-detoxification.
Other underlying metabolic issues are also addressed.

Both the 10 Day and 20 day Program consist of a whole foods diet low in excessive starches and allergy-triggers.  It involves a thick, rich, riced-based protein shake for lunch and again in the afternoon.  A packet of detoxifying supplements is taken with each meal.  This detox/cleanse does not generally produce diarrhea as some programs tend to do.  Patients most often feel excellent throughout the process.   

10-Day Program - Intensive bio-detoxification program; highly recomended before initiating bio-identical hormone replacement therapy; premenstrual syndrome.      FEE: $125 + Supplements

20-Day Program - Comprehensive bio-detoxification program; highly recommended in cases of any inflammation-related condition, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid), liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis, over-inflammation, chronic pain, chronic health issues, asthma, diabetes/hyperinsulinemia, autoimmune conditions, fibrosis of the lungs or kidneys, kidney disease, heart and blood vessel disease  (lupus erythmatosis, Sjogren's Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis), severe premenstrual syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies. 
FEE: $125 + Supplements

Heavy Metal Detox Program - Usually 3 to 6 months of oral supplements to bind up the mercury or lead as it is freed from the body's tissues.  I use only tried-and-true protocols that have showed consistent success in clinical use.                                                       
FEE: $125 + Supplements  (Follow-up consultations available as needed.)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Program - Designed for the patient's specific needs to carefully, systematically and gently rebuild the body's detoxification systems and to reduce the body's tendency to react to environmental chemicals or organic substances.
4 to 6 Month Program (Package of an initial consultation and three 30-minute follow-up consultations)
FEE: $299 + Supplements


  • Do you feel tired or fatigued
  • Do you experience early morning stiffness?
  • Do you feel faint after periods of rest?
  • Do you feel dizzy, foggy-headed or have trouble concentrating?
  • Do you experience crackling joints?
  • Do you experience frequent back pain or headaches?

  • Do you eat fast, fatty, processed or fried foods?
  • Do you experience generalized aches and pains in the body?
  • Do you use coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to get “up”?
  • Are you sleepy in the afternoon?
  • Do you bruise easily?
  • Do you recover slowly from moderate exercise?
  • Do you have food allergies or are often exposed to chemicals, sedatives or stimulants?
  • Do you take pain relievers to get rid of aches and pains?
  • Do you have a family history of arthritis or autoimmune disorders? 


Add up your “yes” answers.  If your score totals 4 or greater, your current symptoms might be due to toxic overload and you may need a metabolic bio-detoxification program that targets pain, inflammation and fatigue.

For additional information about detoxification programs I offer, feel free to contact me at 205.915.0474 or karenbishop777@gmail.com




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