Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist



The Estelle Bishop Kidney Health Program
(If Honor Of My Angelic Mother, The Late Estelle Bishop)

Client education on strategies for reducng risk of kidney (renal) disease, as well as improving kidney function in those who have existing disease.  Comprehensive, highly-individualized recommendations that may include botanical medicine, vegetarian oral stem cell stimulators, protein and electrolyte control, essential amino acid supplementation, essential fatty acids, homecysteine control, nitric oxide level management, uric acid cmanagement, kidney stone prevention and dissolution, kidney cleanses, diabetes control (if present) and balancing of the immune system in cases of autoimmunity affecting renal function.  A special version of this program is available in a group setting for church  and civic groups. All recommendations are designed to work in tandem with any current prescription medications and nutritional therapy chart notes are made available to client's primary care physician (and nephrologist as well as any other members of his/her health care team) if desired with signing of release statement.
FEE: $125

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