Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist


   Marty Lovvorn, DC,   Chiropractic Physician

  Precision Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

  104 Owens Parkway, Suite A.
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

About Dr. Lovvorn:

Dr. Marty Lovvorn is the founder and lead Gonstead doctor of Precision Chiropractic of Alabama. Dr. Lovvorn, first hand knows how devastating and life altering a health crisis can be to a family. His father had a heart attack in his 30’s and Dr. Lovvorn, as a child, suffered the physical, relational and financial damage medical debt brings. Now, Dr. Lovvorn is on a mission to make Birmingham the healthiest place on Earth through his knowledge, experience, and life promoting habits that he shares. With extensive studies in biomechanics, exercise science, health research, pregnancy and pediatric development, this affords him a unique perspective of what works in healthcare – and what doesn’t.

Dr. Lovvorn is a graduate of Auburn University (B.S.) and Life University (D.C). He is dedicated to specializing in the world renowned Gonstead Technique and is the only certified Gonstead doctor in the state of Alabama. Dr. Lovvorn is passionate about providing strategies to families for better health through corrective chiropractic care. Dr. Lovvorn is a certified medical examiner for D.O.T. physicals and drug screening through the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and focuses on pediatric development, pregnancy and prenatal care, athletic injury recovery, and adult health.

Dr. Lovvorn, his wife, and daughter live in Birmingham where he can practice with his own family what he lovingly teaches his patients to do: Live by Design. 



 Dr. Sharon Snider,   Developmental Optometrist
   Developmental Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

  Snider Therapy Centers
Birmingham, Alabama Clinic
4000 Meadow Lake Drive, Suite 121



   Robert J. Sciacca, MD,    Ear, Nose and Throat, Allergy, Asthma
ENT, Allergy Testing, Laser Sinus Surgery

4501 Southlake Parkway, Suite 200
                                           Birmingham, AL 35244

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