Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist


                                   PEDIATRIC NUTRITION


A nutrition consultation for your infant helps remove the guesswork from feeding your baby by empowering you with important guidelines about his or her eating patterns, nutritional needs, digestion and growth. Includes discussion of breastfeeding expectations and formula options, education about liquid vitamin and mineral supplements for infants and when they are indicated, as well as dietary guidance for Mom to help reduce infant digestive challenges and the development of food allergies. Go forth with confidence when introducing baby foods and progressing to solid table food.  Want to learn how to prepare homemade baby food?  Instruction for making your own baby foods at home are included/explained upon request.  Natural therapy for dealing with a colicky baby, infant skin issues, such as “cradle cap,” eczema and teething.  FEE: $125


Karen interacts with young children by engaging them in stories, games, puppets and other fun activities to teach important concepts of eating healthy or dealing with food restrictions.  Nutrition counseling for children helps Moms feed even the pickiest eaters and manage/minimize the development of food allergies.  Effectively help your child learn and develop healthy eating habits.  Receive guidance for family meal planning and preparing healthy snacks. Learn how to choose which chewable or liquid vitamin/mineral best meet your child’s needs. Counseling includes nutritional guidance for improving immune system strength if delaying or spacing out vaccinations, etc. Strategies for helping your child attain normal weight gain if he or she is falling behind. Nutritional therapy for helping children with atopic dermatitis, eczema, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder, Tourette’s syndrome and seizure disorders or other medical conditions. Comprehensive nutritional therapy for children with food allergies, including elimination/rotation diets and recommendations for appropriate nutritional supplementation to optimize nutritional status in children who must avoid certain foods due to allergy or intolerance.   
FEE: $125


A consultation for your teenager is designed to inspire him or her to enjoy a higher quality diet, to develop healthier eating patterns and to address the nutritional roots of any health conditions. Consultations are designed to be streamlined, concise, non-judgmental, and are created in a workshop format in order to better maintain his or her attention. Parental or client concerns such as overweight or underweight are addressed in a non-intimidating manner and from a perspective of offering your teenager the tools to feel his or her best, to enjoy better athletic performance and a reduced risk of injury, as well as improved concentration/focus, and optimal sleep quality. Maintaining a healthy weight is particularly important for this age group as we know that overweight teenagers have a much higher risk of continuing to have weight issues as adults. Targeted nutritional therapy with diet and a few well-chosen nutritional supplements helps this age group avoid common nutritional inadequacies, such as magnesium deficiency (often resulting in chronic constipation and muscle cramps).  Poor iron intake, commonly seen in this age group, may result in anemia and/or affect heart rate and energy level.  Poor calcium intake may affect bone density as well as sleep quality and muscle contraction.  Natural alternatives to Ritalin are a common request for this age group and this program offers a well-chosen approach to prescription-free alternatives for ADD/ADHD.
FEE: $125






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