Karen Bishop, RDN
Registered Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist


                           PRIVACY POLICIES

Beautiful and Healthy Transformations is very careful to safeguard the health information which is entrusted to us. We want to be sure that we only discuss your health with those individuals YOU wish--or with no one other than yourself if that is your preference.  You will be asked to indicate your preference on the health history packet you complete before becoming a client.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a release form to send a copy of your medical records to Karen Bishop, RD/LD or use a form provided by your health care practitioner.  Request medical records to be faxed to:
Karen Bishop, RD/LD
Beautiful & Healthy Transformations
3257 Cahaba Heights Road
Vestavia Hills, AL 35243     
Fax: 1.888.872.7110
Phone: 205.915.0474

Protected Health Information Collection and Disclosure

The protected health information collected from each client comes from the client, physician, health care provider, information received during the client’s appointment through enrollment forms, assessment surveys and forms, and through caregivers, insurer, employer and other third parties. Client’s protected health information is safeguarded under stringent electronic and physical procedures that meet or exceed current privacy guidelines.

In order  for Karen Bishop, RD/LD to disclose the client’s protected health information, whether written or verbal,  to another health care provider or individual, she must have this portion of your health history packet completed in writing.  Fax it to 1.888.872.7110 when complete.

Click below to download release forms or a health history packet (which indicates with whom you wish your health may be discussed):

Release of Your Medical Records to Karen Bishop, RD/LD From Another Health Care Provider

New Client Health History Packet


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