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Arm Yourself Against Illness With Expert Dietary, Nutritional Supplement & Lifestyle Recommendations

Choose from a single session, weekly guidance for 3 months or a 3- or 6-month daily health & nutrition coaching program to address any underlying health issues 7 to support immune system health. With the global health concerns this year, you may be looking for weekly or daily guidance to support you along your health journey, with targeted nutrition as customized dietary recommendations, customized meal plans, with lots of no-cooking needed options. 

Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

I recommend avoiding propyl alcohol in hand sanitizers. (Look for ethyl alcohol, instead.) Call us for our recommendation. It is generally IN-STOCK and can be delivered to your door from the manufacturer we recommend. And don't forget the ultra pure body and hand lotion to replenish precious skin oils lost in handwashging!  Call for more info. We are glad to share this info.regardless of whether you are a patient.

Non-Toxic Disinfectants; Triclosan-free Antimicrobial Handsoap

I recommend products without chlorine bleach or ammonia or quaternary compounds which have been approved by the EPA as a substitute for benalkonium chloride  and chlorine bleach for cleaning hospitals, schools and homes. Antimicrobial soap containing no hormone-imbalancing triclosan. Call for more info. We are glad to share this info. even if you are not a patient. 

Expert Guidance On Quality Vitamins & Botanical Supplements

Not every nutritional supplement company carries what every patient needs, That is why I recommend products from various name brands, deliverable to your door.  I have arranged for my patients to receive a discount from many of these companies, delivered to their door. 

Great-Tasting Protein Powders & Snacks

With the global crisis many people are consuming convenience foods and some are cooking at home fr the first time in a long time. Oftentimes enjoying a great-tasting protein smoothie, a delicious cup of herbal tea or organic coffee (if you drink coffee) or a protein bar can make stressful times a bit easier.  You can receive these items at your door for your convenience.

Non-Toxic Detergents, Skin- & Hair Care, Makeup/Cosmetics

I am glad to help you locate products containing no major toxic substances such as parabens or formaldehyde as well as ingredients to which they may be allergic.