Karen Bishop, RDN, LD, Holistic Nutritionist

"As your nutritionist my mission & passion is helping you journey along the shortest path to joyous health & weight loss success, using functional medicine nutrition, botanical medicine, exercise prescription & lifestyle changes, together with a clear & concise 'road map' to take you there. I walk beside you, empowering & supporting you on your journey..."  


KAREN BISHOP, RDN, LD Registered Dietitian; Holistic Nutritionist; Functional Medicine Nutrition

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist & Fitness Specialist, with over twenty-three years of experience, Karen Bishop, RDN, LD specializes in helping patients prevent & reverse chronic disease, lose weight, balance hormones, as well as address cellular/genetic aging through functional medicine nutrition (which targets the biochemical roots of health issues), exercise prescription & stress management...all with a goal of helping them to make healthy lifestyle changes successfully.  She works with men and women, children, teens, infants and the elderly. Her clinical background & experience allows her to expertly guide patients along a path to better health, whether they are being treated by a medical team for chronic health issues (such as diabetes, kidney disease or congestive heart failure) or are in good health & are seeking the specialized knowledge & wisdom needed to profoundly improve their energy, libido and look younger!

Her educational background encompasses both the area of human nutrition and exercise science. Karen is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, as well as a Fitness Specialist. To become a registered dietitian she completed a bachelor's degree and a didactic program (coursework) in dietetics, which is accredited by The Accreditation Council For Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. She did her didactic program in dietetics at Samford University then completed a nine month Dietetic Internship at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in the Nutrition Sciences program, with an emphasis on clinical nutrition. The internship included rotations at Children's Hospital (including neonatal, teen & cystic fibrosis patients), UAB Hospital (inborn errors of metabolism, gastrointestinal, oncology, burns/trauma, cardiovascular, spinal injuries, dialysis/renal, and outpatient care), Cook Springs Nursing Home, Alacare Home Health, The Jefferson County Health Department  as well as an elective rotation in public health (under the direction of Chris Reinhold, MS, RD) and maternal complications. She then sat for and passed the CDR registration exam for dietitians. As a registered dietitian/nutritionist and licensed dietitian/nutritionist clinicians must complete continuing education units and pay registration and licensing fees in accordance with CDR and the Alabama State Board of Examiners For Nutrition and Dietetics Practice.

Karen's first degree ( a baccalaureate) was in the area of exercise science as a Fitness Specialist, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her faculty advisor was Gary R. Hunter, PhD, nationally-known researcher in exercise physiology, and the use of progressive resistance training for women to affect body composition. She completed two internships while in undergraduate school -- one at the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Baptist Medical Center Princeton in Birmingham, Alabama (under the direction of Claudia Wilkie, RN) and one at The City of Birmingham Fitness & Training Center in Birmingham, Alabama (directed by Coach Jim Hilyer, PhD and Coordinated by James N. Gibbs, MS).  

As past coordinator of The SMART Wellness Program & nutritionist for Alabama Ear Nose & Throat Associates (1999 – 2004), where she worked with Dr. Robert J. Sciacca, she focused much of her work in allergy, asthma, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, eczema/dermatitis, adrenal exhaustion & immune dysfunction. She maintained an appointment as a Professor of Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health in the Department of Adjunct Faculty from 1999 to 2010 where she authored courses for the Holistic Nutrition curriculum and interacted with students. In 2004 Karen returned to private practice to concentrate her work on anti-aging, hormonal balance, emotional health & women’s health issues, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, weight loss, sports nutrition, cellular and skin aging & helping patients reverse chronic disease. Thus, Beautiful & Healthy Transformations in Birmingham, Alabama was born, with a strong emphasis on the issues for which many women seek solutions.

Karen has presented nearly one hundred lectures, including speaking engagements at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, & Montevallo, Samford University,  Tuscaloosa Dietetic Association, Virginia College, Wallace State Community College, The Alabama Chiropractic Association, the City of Birmingham Fitness & Training Center (Birmingham Police Cadets), The Women’s Network, The Hoover Rotary Club & The Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce (Ladies Executive Roundtable). She enjoys speaking on vegetarianism and metabolic barriers to weight loss at Blue Boy Herbs Healing Center (Carriere, Mississippi) and addressing the patients and families of patients recovering from prostate cancer at Urology Centers of Alabama in Homewood, Alabama. She has been a regular speaker at the Endorphin Pain Clinic at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital & has provided continuing education credits for nurses & chiropractors. 

Karen resides in the countryside of Pinson, a suburb near Birmingham, where she enjoys walking, hiking, creating Nature trails, yoga, international cooking, spending time with a "blended family" of cats (Pheonix, Magic and Roguey) and spending time with her best friend, James Angeles ("Jamie"), who is the expert Aesthetician specializing in anti-aging with whom she has partnered for offering unsurpassed antiaging skin care guidance. Together they are involved in a long-term project----creating a sacred space for wellness renewal retreats on some six acres of wilderness property. Karen explains, "Marsh Mountain Moon,"  where we currently reside, will be a place where people can come to learn about recreating their health, mind, body and spirit... in a multi-day, workshop format with lots of time outdoors and in comfortable accommodations."

CURRENT VOLUNTEER WORK: Karen is a member of the Medical Advisory Team of The Vedic Care Charitable Trust. She also offers free nutritional counseling to disabled US veterans. If you know of a disabled veteran who would like to benefit from functional medicine nutritional counseling he or she only needs to phone, fax, e-mail or text proof of disability and we will schedule an appointment for the veteran. Unlimited care is available by phone or in-office and there are no hidden cost for nutritional guidance.

AS  YOU CAN SEE FROM THE PHOTOS BELOW, KAREN LOVES CATS! The photo on the left is Karen and her cat Fiona who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago...and at the right is a photo of her enjoying sweet moments with her beloved fur baby, Chanel, who crossed in 2019.

Karen Bishop, RDN, LD - Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Holistic Nutritionist; Fitness Specialist; Owner of Beautiful & Healthy Transformations, located in the Cahaba Heights/Vestavia area of Birmingham, Alabama

Karen Bishop, RDN,LD - Registered Dietitian, Functional Medicine Nutritionist,  Birmingham, Alabama

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Beautiful and Healthy Transformations is delighted to have partnered with Jamie Angeles of Angeles Beauty Arts in our amazing anti-aging packages. We know you will love Jamie as much as we do!

JAMIE ANGELES, Makeup Artist & Skin Care Specialist/Antiaging

A deep love of chemistry and biology led Jamie Angeles to pursue a career in skin care and makeup artistry. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in anthropology and botany and received a degree in salon management from Virginia College. He worked as a master stylist at Blue Orchid Salon, DNL Hair Studio and JC Penney, before opening Angeles Beauty Arts. He was a makeup artist and beauty consultant for Elizabeth Arden for twenty-five years and counter manager at Laura Mercier cosmetics where he helped thousands of women begin to see their inner beauty translated into outer sparkle. His passion for helping people feel more confident in the skin they are in quickly earned him the title "Everyone's Favorite Stylist."  

Jamie is an accomplished artist in many mediums. He enjoys creating works of art and experiences. He loves people and wants to help them smile at themselves in the mirror again.     

Jamie Angeles, Artist, Antiaging. Skin Care,  Skin Health, Beauty Expert, Aesthetics, Makeup Artist

Jamie Angeles of Angeles Beauty Arts; Antiaging, Skin Care; Beauty Expert; Aesthetics; Makeup Artist

MISTY DAE, Administrative Assistant

When you phone Beautiful & Healthy Transformations Nutritionist Karen Bishop will make every effort to speak with you. However, If she is seeing patients when you call Misty will promptly respond and will arrange a time for you to talk with Karen. Your call will be returned at her first break or at the end of the day. Misty is dedicated to being sure that your questions or concerns are quickly addressed and is anxious to help you schedule an appointment or make any changes needed.

Misty is a treasured member of the team here at Beautiful & Healthy Transformations. She is known for her timely and friendly responses and her love of patient care.

My administrative assistant, Mistee Day, here at Beautiful & Healthy Transformations.

My administrative assistant, Misty Day, here at Beautiful & Healthy Transformations.