Book Karen Bishop, RDN, LD As A Speaker For Your Group

Karen Bishop, RDN, LD,  -Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, Birmingham

Karen may be available to present to your group (after the COVID-19 Crisis). Call us & see!

If you would like for Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Karen Bishop, RDN, LD to address your church, group or organization she is glad to create a presentation on most any topic in nutrition and functional medicine nutrition, holistic nutrition, renewal wellness, women's health issues, men's health issues, botanical medicine, exercise physiology, mind-body medicine and nutritional advances in autistic spectrum disorder. Call and inquire about her schedule as well as speaker fees. 

She is commonly asked to present on such topics as...

  • Hormonal balance
  • Targeting metabolic obstacles to weight loss
  • Powerful strategies for reducing your risk of breast cancer
  • Preventing and addressing uterine fibroids
  • Healthy eating for dorm dwellers (nutrition for college stidents)
  • Meal Planning for busy families
  • No cooking needed: Eating healthy on-the-go
  • Nutritional management & resolution of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Dietary makeovers for carb-watchers
  • How much carbohydrate, fat and protein do YOU need?
  • Preventing & addressing prostate health issues 
  • Overcoming metabolic obstacles to weight loss
  • Nutrition for reducing systemic inflammation
  • Improving outcomes in diabetes
  • Nutritional strategies for improving outcomes in cancer
  • Nutrition in autoimmunity
  • Nutrition in multiple chemical sensitivity (environmental illness)
  • Nutritional therapy for toxic black mold syndrome
  • Nutritional advances in autism spectrum disorder
  • Targeting the root causes of high blood pressure and kidney disease
  • Nutritional advances in managing kidney disease
  • Transitioning to a vegetarian and/or vegan diet
  • Healthy eating on a shoe-string budget
  • Nutritional strategies for college students
  • No-cooking-needed meal planning for families
  • Nutrition action plan for seniors
  • Nutrition for emotional balance  
  • Sports nutrition
  • Nutrition for breast health
  • Nutrition strategies for families
  • Ayurvedic nutrition - What YOU need and what to cook