Whereas we require payment at the time services are provided for medical nutrition therapy I am delighted to give you a detailed receipt of our work together so that you may file it with your insurance provider for possible partial or complete reimbursement. If you participate in a 12-week program and plan to file the receipt with your health insurance provider you must wait until after your final session to file, since we must document the dates and times of each session.

If you are contacting your provider in regard to insurance determine if you can receive reimbursement for my services you can ask if medical nutrition therapy from a registered dietitian is covered. My Registration ID Number is  819088

The name of my company is Beautiful & Healthy Transformations and that is how it will appear on your credit card/debit card receipt/bank statement when your payment is processed.  For your security we do not retain your financial information. 

We work hard to provide the highest quality, affordable functional medical nutrition therapy. We offer various levels of care, including single sessions, packages of sessions and programs to save you money and provide exceptional value. In addition we offer FREE care to disabled veterans.  If you have questions about fees and your best options we are delighted to discuss them with you to assist you in selecting the best level of care for your particular needs. Give us a call today, at (205) 915-0474!