Functional Medicine- & Holistic Nutritionist, Karen Bishop, RDN, LD

Functional Medicine- & Holistic Nutritionist, Karen Bishop, RDN, LD

Functional Medicine- & Holistic Nutritionist, Karen Bishop, RDN, LDFunctional Medicine- & Holistic Nutritionist, Karen Bishop, RDN, LDFunctional Medicine- & Holistic Nutritionist, Karen Bishop, RDN, LD

"With 23+ years of experience, I offer comprehensive Holistic Nutrition, with exceptional skills in identifying & targeting the metabolic roots of health issues & guiding you along the shortest path to joyous health & weight loss success, using Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy, Botanical Medicine, Customized Meal Plans, Exercise Prescription, Antiaging Science & Lifestyle Changes, with a clear & concise “road map.” My mission & passion is walking beside you, empowering & supporting you along your journey.”

--Karen Bishop, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Antiaging & Fitness Specialist

Birmingham, Alabama

In-Office & By Phone (205) 915-0474

Success Stories

Weight Loss Goals Reached & Hormonal Health Achieved

Finally I have reached my weight loss goal of 30 pounds! I made the decision to do the twelve week program you offered and I am so glad I did. For a very long time I have been confused about how I should eat. There is so much conflicting information out there. You showed me exactly what I needed to do to overcome my sluggish metabolism and burn fat. I loved how you gave me meal plans that worked just right for the time I had available for meal prep, which is very little! You also taught me what was causing my dry skin and hormone imbalance and how to correct it. Thank you for coming through with a workout program that was short and sweet so I have been able to stick to it!  I feel like a new woman. I will definitely be telling my friends about your programs. 

Jen R.


Chronic Pain Managed

For two and a half years I have suffered from a neck injury and two surgeries with continuing pain.  When I came to you, a pain specialist had just told me he could not help me outside of destroying part of the nerve that was being affected.  I happened to see your brochure and wondered if you could help me.  You really impressed me with your knowledge and your caring attitude.  As a nurse myself, I look for factual data that supports using a supplement or not, and I was amazed at how much data you have stored up in you!   After 2 weeks I was noticing a decrease in pain, and after 3 weeks I was greatly improved.  And to think I was considering letting my nerves be destroyed because I was so desperate to get rid of the pain!  This was so-o much easier.  You have made a believer out of me.   I also appreciate how you have continued to care about my continuing recovery with adjustments and recommendations along the way!  Thanks so much for your help. 

Judith M.


Blood Pressure Lowered Without Medication

Dear Karen,

When I first came to you my blood pressure averages were 138/86 in the mornings and 135/84 at night.  Five weeks later my blood pressure averages are 114/72 in the mornings and 115/71 at night.  To have the systolic pressure drop 20 plus points and the diastolic pressure drop 13-14 points in 5 weeks is amazing ... and without any medication.  I detest the thought of me taking prescription drugs when my food can be my medicine more effectively.  During this same 5-week time period I have lost 8 pounds.

Also, I appreciate your listening ear and keen ability to get right to the heart of the matter.  I have tried to think of words to use to express my appreciation, but I have been unable to improve on those two often-used words "THANK YOU".

As I have grown healthier each day, I can truly say that I am most fortunate to have your good care and counsel.


John W.


Health Restored After Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Illness

(After a home remodeling project) I became very ill, and I was diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivities. Because of Karen Bishop's excellent nutritional advice and her knowledge of MCS, I am able to resume my normal daily activities and my health has been restored. Thanks, Karen, for all your dedicated work!     

Janet C. 


Beautiful & HealthyTransformations

12-Week HealthTransformation (Weight Loss, Chronic Medical Conditions)


Address metabolic barriers to a healthy weight, hormonal imbalances, systemic inflammation, hyperlipidemia, & impaired carbohydrate tolerance. Facilitate bio-detoxification & optimize liver, cardiorespiratory, thyroid & adrenal function. Balance the immune system. Exercise prescription, customized meal plans, recipes as well as "no cooking needed"options & dining out strategies. Natural, stimulant-free appetite control. Techniques for addressing the emotional aspects of eating. Need expert guidance with diabetic, gluten-free, keto- or vegan programs? YOUR program will be tailored to YOUR special needs...No cookie cutter approaches here!

MEDICAL CONDITIONS Addressed With Functional Medical Nutrition


Addressing the root causes of medical conditions improves recovery time & success, & decreases risk of more serious illness. I offer expert functional medical nutrition for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gastrointestinal issues, adrenal & thyroid issues, heart & kidney disease, COPD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteopenia/ostoporosis, cancer, headaches, neurological issues (MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, post-stroke), emotional & cognitive health, pediatric/family nutrition, nutrition for seniors (on multiple prescription medications), comprehensive preventive care (peri-natal nutrition, multiple chemical sensitivity, bio-detoxification & sports nutrition.

Discover Our "Where Health & Beauty Meet" Antiaging & Weight Loss Program


Our 12 Week Health Transformation & Weight Loss Program, PLUS special attention to anti-aging in every system of the body. Learn to rejuvenate your skin internally & externally. Balance your hormones. Facilitate bio-detoxification & target chronic health issues at their roots. Exercise prescription, customized meal plans & options for the woman-on-the-go.  Natural, stimulant-free appetite control.  Skin care/makeup recommendations & a customized, daily, lifestyle-friendly beauty routine will help you look & feel amazing…now & in the future! This package includes two sessions with Antiaging Skin Care Expert Jamie Angeles of Angeles Beauty Arts.

With Our Premium Programs I Journey With You DAILY!

Our Premium Coaching Programs include an initial 2-hour session, a weekly 30-minute session and daily, 15-minute telephone sessions on the remaining 6 days per week.  We also offer programs for teens, with slightly shorter sessions to match their busy lives! (NOTE: Our PREMIUM GOLD Program includes two one-hour sessions with Antiaging Skin Care Specialist & Makeup Artist Jamie Angeles.)

PREMIUM BRONZE: 3-Month Daily Weight Loss & Health Transformation Coaching


Our comprehensive 3-month weight loss & health transformation program PLUS 15-minute DAILY follow-up telephone session to keep you on-track! Stay accountable & stay ahead of obstacles. Excellent for those who struggle with emotional eating. Daily follow-up sessions are instrumental in helping you develop new health behaviors and replace limiting thoughts with those which empower you to succeed.

PREMIUM SILVER: 6-Month Daily Weight Loss & Health Transformation Coaching


 For those with more than 30 pounds to lose and/or those with more serious chronic health issues we highly recommend our comprehensive weight loss & health transformation program PLUS 15-minute DAILY follow-up telephone sessions to keep you on-track! Stay accountable & stay ahead of obstacles with daily guidance. Defeat emotional eating habits longterm. 

PREMIUM GOLD: 3-Month Daily Antiaging, Weight Loss, Health Transformation Coaching


Create a brand new you with our 3-month antiaging, weight loss & health transformation program PLUS 15-minute DAILY follow-up telephone session to keep you on-track. Designed for those who are totally committed to reaching their antiaging goals to look & feel younger and are ready to ensure their success with our most advanced program options for daily support & accountability.

PREMIUM SILVER FOR TEENS: 3-Month Daily Weight Loss & Health Transformation Coaching


 Our comprehensive 3-month weight loss & health transformation program, designed with an adolescent in mind... PLUS 10-minute DAILY follow-up telephone sessions, tailored to the special needs of your teenager to keep her on track on-track! Stay accountable & stay ahead of obstacles. Includes family meal planning. Excellent for emotional eating or metabolic barriers to weight loss.  

PREMIUM GOLD FOR TEENS: 6-Month Daily Weight Loss & Health Transformation Coaching


 THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUNG LADIES WHO STRUGGLE WITH PCOS: A comprehensive 6-month weight loss & health transformation program, designed with your adolescent in mind... PLUS 10-minute DAILY follow-up telephone session. Stay accountable & stay ahead of obstacles. Target hormonal imbalances/skin issues; Family meal planning. Help for metabolic barriers & emotional eating.

PREMIUM SILVER FOR TEEN MALES: 3-Month Daily Get Fit & Health Transformation Coaching


  Our 3-month healthy weight & get fit program, designed for young men on the go...with daily 10-minute phone sessions (after initial session). Targets making over favorite snacks, family meal planning, strategies for eating out, food allergy substitution, exercise guidance & help gaining lean body mass.  Sports nutrition & training diets if your teen is an athlete. Help your teen cultivate good health habits that will serve him for a lifetime.

Personalized Beautiful & Healthy Transformations  Workbook -  Nutritionist Karen Bishop, RDN, LD

A Clear & Concise "Road Map" in Workbook Format

Every 12- or 24-week program includes a customized action plan/workbook.

Your workbook will help you stay organized, motivated and focused along your journey to lose weight, look & feel younger, improve your physical fitness  and/or recreate your heath. It will also include recipes you will not want to lose! You will want to print it (or have it printed) and place it in a binder or folder as soon as possible so that you can start on your journey toward joyous health with all the tools that you will need to be successful.

Want To See More Of The Customizable Workbook?

Click the button below to see the Table of Contents of the action plan & workbook that will be individualized to your needs...whether you choose or our Weight Loss & Health Transformation Package...or our "Where Health & Beauty Meet" (Antiaging, Weight Loss & Health Transformation) Package.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Consulting with Jamie Angeles

Partnering with...Jamie Angeles of Angeles Beauty Arts

Jamie Angeles, Artist, Antiaging, Skin Care, Beauty Expert, Aesthetics, Makeup Artist

When you register for our 12 Week Antiaging, Weight Loss & Health Transformation Package you will receive expert guidance on skin care from Aesthetician, Makeup Artist & Master Stylist Jamie Angeles. For a number of years I have been recommending Jamie's services and counsel. He has an incredible command of the science behind truly transformative skin care and this guides him to make the most expert decisions on the best care plan for rejuvenating your skin and targeting skin health challenges. Consult with him in our office (or by Skype). We know you will LOVE your time with him. The part of Jamie's work that he finds most rewarding is helping people smile at themselves in the mirror again.     

About Jamie

Jamie Angeles, Antiaging, Skin Care, Beauty Expert, Aesthetics, Makeup Artist,

A deep love of chemistry and biology led Jamie Angeles to pursue a career in skin care and makeup artistry. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in anthropology and botany and received a degree in salon management from Virginia College. He worked as a master stylist at Blue Orchid salon, DNL Hair Studio and JC Penney, before opening Angeles Beauty Arts. He was a makeup artist and beauty consultant for Elizabeth Arden for twenty-five years and counter manager at Laura Mercier cosmetics where he helped thousands of women begin to see their inner beauty translated into outer sparkle. His passion for helping people feel more confident in the skin they are in quickly earned him the title "Everyone's Favorite Stylist."


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