INCLUDING NEPHROTIC SYNDROME, IgA KIDNEY DISEASE, DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY, FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis), KIDNEY STONES, RECURRENT URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS, DIALYSIS- & POST-TRANSPLANT CARE. Also Age-Related Kidney Decline, Alport Syndrome, Crescentic Nephritis, Fanconis Syndrome, Lupus Nephritis, Membranous Nephropathy, Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome, Nephritic Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney Disease, 

Renal Cell Carcinoma, Wilm’s Tumor

  • Studies show that patient with chronic kidney disease who receive nutritional counseling from a registered dietitian were three times less likely to require beginning treatment with dialysis over a ten-year period.
  • Prevent & address kidney stones. 
  • Advanced protocols for slowing the progress of renal disease, improving kidney function. 
  • Meal plans control protein/ammonia load on kidneys, fluid and mineral balance (potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc.), parathyroid health, Vitamin D and Vitamin K balance, nitric oxide production/small vessel health, homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein, and reducing inflammation and fibrin in the kidneys.
  • Botanical medicine liquids to improve kidney function. 
  • Oral stem cell stimulators to help improve kidney function (plant-based proteins - vegan-friendly)
  • Patients are encouraged to keep regular appointments with their nephrologist and have their lab values sent to us to be sure they are making significant and consistent progress in reducing their creatinine and improving their lab values.

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