Removing Toxins From Your Body Safely & Effectively

I offer several options for biodetoxification within all the 12 and 24-week programs, each customized, based upon a patient’s individual needs. The biodetoxification is approached system by system, in order to avoid highly unpleasant “cleansing symptoms” which many people have been misinformed to think is to be expected. These reactions mean that the body does not have available the nutrient reserves to transform toxins into less toxic substances. 

If you are reading this it is likely that you or someone you care about suffers from an accumulation of environmental or endogenous toxins that is producing symptoms that is compromising the quality of life (such as triggering systemic inflammation, acting as one of the root causes of an autoimmune condition, anxiety, depression, AD(H)D, mood swings, poor energy or other health condition). Exposure to toxins such as chemicals, estrogens in meats and dairy, pesticides with estrogen-like activity, BPA-containing plastics, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, etc.) and pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, spirochetes and dinoflagellates) is hard to avoid as well as remove once embedded into the body’s tissues. These toxins can even act as neurotoxins, affecting the mind and emotions.  

Everyone is a candidate for bio-detoxification, but is especially important for those with chronic inflammation, chronic disease, environmental allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, for those over forty and for those who are planning to conceive (for both men and women).Whenever a patient consults me I evaluate their need for biodetoxification, I offer a number of options for protocols, individualized to each person's needs. There is an option for everyone. Those who will be working with me through one of our 12 -week programs may wish to choose a more comprehensive program. In general, those who have been chronically ill for a long time will need to spend more time making a conscious and organized effort to improve their body's ability to detoxify properly. 

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Nutrition As Prevention

Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's & Other Health Issues

I am always glad to make recommendations for reducing risk of chronic health issues to any patient, based upon the most recent advances in functional medicine nutrition. These recommendations are included in any 12- or 24-week program.

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Transition To A Vegetarian/Vegan Or A More Plant-Based Diet

With the evidence from long-term studies mounting about the benefits of a plant-based diet many people wish to move toward a vegetarian diet or embrace it completely. I offer expert guidance to help you accomplish this safely and easily, confident in knowing that all your nutritional needs are being met, whether your concern is adequate intake of protein/amino acids, vitamins, minerals or a balance of the more subtle properties of food. I, myself, have been vegetarian for over thirty years and, indeed, it was the best nutritional decision I could have made. Some may wonder how they will manage their transition to a more plant-based diet when other family members may not share their enthusiasm. I can help here, too, with family meal planning.

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Ethnic Meal Planning, International/Kosher/Halal Menus

I am always glad to translate your nutritional recommendations into as many familiar foods as possible, and always respecting your spiritual values and lifestyle. I also provide guidance for procuring supplements that contain no ingredients that you wish to avoid or formulation/manufacturing practices you are avoiding. Just some of the special concerns I accommodate are vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, Lenten, Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian, Ethiopian, Nigerian, American/Southern and more. Feel free to phone us for you special needs (205) 915-0474.

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Special Diets Tailored To Each Patient's Needs

SPECIAL DIETS (An abbreviated list) - Patient meal plans are customized to individual needs. No one particular diet meets a specific patient’s needs. Every patient receives a customized diet and meal plans that are completely individualized to his or her needs and taste preferences. (Vegetarian, vegan, Kosher & ethnic meals & menus are available). The meal plans and menus I provide are NOT print outs from a computer data base and are NOT general recommendations. They are specific tools for helping YOU reach YOUR health goals by controlling such nutritional factors as macronutrient levels (protein, fat and carbohydrate) and ratios, sensitizing foods and allergenic foods, vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, tolerance for oxalates, tyramine, histamine and salicylates, time for meal preparation and more.

Allergy Substitutions - Expert dietary makeovers starring foods to which you are non-reactive!

Casein-Free - Free of the most highly allergenic dairy protein.

Beyond DASH - Goes far beyond the National Institute of Health’s recommendations (Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension - DASH) to address potassium, magnesium and nitric oxide production as well as insulin production and for controlling high blood pressure.

“Gluten”- Free - Free of the most inflammatory gluten (alpha gliadin) in wheat, barley and rye.

Keto- Diets and Keto-Friendly Nutrition Plans - Customized to your specific metabolic needs.

Carbohydrate tolerance varies tremendously between patients and changes with time. If you consume too few carbs for an extended period of time you may develop adrenal exhaustion and if you consume too many you may stall your weight loss and/or increase the inflammatory processes in your body. You need an individualized program that addresses your metabolic individuality, which also takes into account all your other medical issues and risk factors.

Carbohydrate-controlled/Low Glycemic - Assists in weight loss, controlling blood sugar, triglycerides, and in reducing systemic inflammation and in improving quality of life in COPD and in other lung diseases.


Cardiac Prudent - Sodium-controlled with specific recommendations for amount and types of dietary fat, to help control lipid levels; optimal in magnesium and potassium.

Leaky Gut Syndrome - Designed to repair lining of the gut and to re-establish healthy microbiome.

Low FODMAP - Low in fermentable oligosaccharides-, disaccharides-, monosaccharides and polyols- which may be triggering digestive symptoms like bloating, gas and stomach pain.

Low Fructose - Assists in weight loss, blood glucose control and fructose sensitivity/ malabsorption(which may present as IBS symptoms).

Low Histamine - Assists in controlling histamine sensitivity.

Low Oxalate- Helps reduce occurrence of oxalate-containing kidney stones and severity of vulvodynia.

Low Purine - to reduce uric acid levels (a major factor in the development of gout).

Protein-Controlled (in kidney disease, for example) - supplemented with essential amino acids to reduce kidney stress and to ensure that protein needs with a much lower intake of dietary protein.

Potassium-, Sodium- and Phosphorus-controlled (in kidney disease)

Renal Diet - individualized protocols updated based upon latest research and clinical pearls to aggressively control kidney stress, electrolytes, albumin and dozens of other laboratory values which are important in maintaining or improving kidney function.

Low Salicylate - Controlled in this substance found in aspirin and in plants, in general.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) - Grain-free diet low in natural sugars and lactose with no added sugars.

Low Tyramine - Controlled in foods because it can trigger migraines or increase blood pressure.

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Functional Medicine Tests


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I offer comprehensive functional medicine testing through my private practice to help us identify the nutritional roots of health issues. However, these tests are often unneeded. Frequently the metabolic roots of health issues are very apparent. Most patients have already had basic blood work performed by their primary care physician. I am expert in reviewing your laboratory test results with you and can provide guidance in regard to additional needed testing. I am always working to help patients minimize their out-of-pocket costs. Some testing may be covered by insurance if your primary care physician orders it. In this case I will refer you to him or her for certain tests. However, most physicians do not have contracts with the highly reputable laboratories that perform state-of-the art functional medicine testing. Also, certain diagnoses may be  necessary for insurance coverage even if the test is very helpful in identifying another condition. For all these reasons I offer functional medicine testing through my private practice. 

Some of the more common tests from which my patient benefit fare: saliva testing for hormone levels, adrenal stress profile (DHEA, cortisol), neurotransmitter levels (urine), comprehensive digestive stool analysis, organic acids test (OAT) (urine), glyphosate levels, heavy metals, intracellular nutrient analysis and various bio-markers for anxiety, depression and mood disorders. I have a contract with DHA Laboratories that offers lab work at a reduced rate due to their contracts with LabCorp. Most all tests available through LabCorp are available through my private practice. This is in addition to the functional medicine testing that I offer through specialty labs. I most often utilize DHA Labs to quantify the bio-markers associated with anxiety, depression and mood disorders. These levels are so helpful in helping our patients improve their mental health and, sadly, they are rarely checked by MD’s, even psychiatrists. In addition, these biomarkers must interpreted based upon the most up to date research, not based upon the ranges allowed by most labs without being flagged. Feel free to call with any questions (205.915.0474). We love questions and are anxious to answer yours!

TESTING FOR FOOD ALLERGY & SENSITIVITY: In the Birmingham/Hoover area of Alabama I recommend Dr. Robert J. Sciacca of Alabama ENT Associates (ENT - Otolaryngic Allergy). He offers highly accurate allergy testing...through Allermetrix Labs.. and is a very skilled physician who provides excellent patient care. I have confidence in Allermetrix Labs and often help patients from other states find a physician in their area who also uses their lab for testing IgE and IgG4 for foods. They offer extremely accurate testing -- even detecting the milder reactions (such as many Class I and even some Class II reactions) that many labs are unable to detect.  Testing IgE and IgG4 reactions to foods is the best first step in identifying food allergies and sensitivities. If, however, we suspect that other type reactions are playing a significant role in a patient’s health I may recommend the MRT (Mediator Release Test). For this test blood is drawn and sent Airborne to the lab where the blood is exposed to foods, dyes and other commonly ingested chemicals. The blood samples are viewed with a microscope and red blood cells are measured. If cells shrink or swell significantly this indicates a food sensitivity that is separate from the immune system. Traditional allergy testing does not identify red blood cell reactions. A copy of the test is sent to both me and the patient. I design a diet for patients in which we remove these reactive foods for a few weeks then attempt to re-introduce some of them. Many patients tolerate certain somewhat reactive foods -- to some extent -- in their diet. 

The MRT is very helpful in identifying food sensitivities that my be involved in headaches, digestive challenges, fibromyalgia and AD(H)D. From 1999 to 2004 I was the Coordinator For The SMART Wellness Program within Dr. Robert Sciacca’s practice and we often utilized the MRT. It was instrumental in helping us identify and bring relief to many patients who were experiencing food reactions other than those that involved classical food allergies. 


Some patients may be unable to afford the cost of allergy or food sensitivity testing.  In this case an Elimination Diet in which we identify foods that are likely the culprits, create a tasty but simple diet of these foods, systematically add back foods and watch for a reaction. Often patients tolerate even somewhat sensitizing foods if they are rotated and limited in the diet (a Rotation Diet).

I am always anxious to help my patients in any way possible to afford the functional medicine tests and allergy tests that they need. When budgeting for testing that is not covered by insurance (as many patients may need to do) helping them set priorities for testing with good insight into the likely culprits of their reactions is very important. Here at Beautiful & Healthy Transformations this is something that we do very well!

Feel free to call us for more information (205.915.0474).  We love questions and are anxious to answer yours!

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Free To Disabled Veterans

FREE: Nutrition Counseling For Disabled Veterans. Call for information on how to apply for free care. “Our disabled veterans deserve the best…” Let’s all stand together and volunteer our services! If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. 

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Breast Health


State of the art functional medical nutrition to target estrogen dominance, fibrocystic breast disease, reduce risk of breast cancer and reduce risk of recurrences for those who are in remission. This is an area of interest for many women who have a strong history of breast cancer or who wish to aggressively reduce their risks. Every program is individualized to each woman's health history and current health issues because every women's risk profile is different. This intervention is NOT general guidelines you have heard so much about in the past (i.e. low fat diet, etc.) We discuss exposure to specific environmental toxins that have a particular affinity to breast tissue, maximizing lymphatic circulation to breast tissue, hormonal balance, chronic inflammation and much more.

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Botanical Medicine (Herbal Therapy; Flower Essences)

I have been utilizing botanical medicine and other herbal therapies in my practice for almost 23 years. These recommendations are always given to complement dietary recommendations and with care in regard to any botanical-drug interaction with pharmaceutical medications a patient may be taking. I only recommend the cleanest and most solvent-free products. Whereas I do not retail products in my office I am always glad to direct my patients to providers of the highest quality products, with consideration for excellent value. My favorite provider for many of the herbs that I recommend is Blue Boy Herbs. Formulas were/are created by Master Herbalist Darrell Martin, who has been providing unsurpassed products for my patients for these last 23 years. 

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Mind-Body Techniques To Assist In The Process of Change

Making lifestyle changes, triumphing over emotional eating, finding time for exercise and developing and adhering to a health (or a health and beauty) regimen can be difficult for anyone. There are so many demands on our time. "Life happens" and our best laid plans evaporate! We offer tried-and-true mind-body techniques for helping you succeed in reaching your goals.

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